Book a 60 Minute Reading

from April 2021


During the past 10 Years I have worked closely with Spiritual and Psychic Mentors who have enabled me to become the passionate professional reader that I am today. My life experience are often similar of my clients in various ways and have had many challenges which have enabled me to grow and learn along the way, it has also help me empathize deeply and connect to my abilities along the way. 

I share my psychic mediumship in hope to give my clients comfort, direction and encouragement in the areas they most need. I am able to connect with my guides who allow me to pass on messages to help find clarity and direction, intuitively, psychically as well as connecting to loved ones who often like to join in to have a chat.

I enjoy being light hearted during my readings and hold a positive, safe space to talk and find healing. But if we need to get to the nitty-gritty of a subject, we go straight to the point to find clarity.

My readings are intuitively sourced from our higher spirit teams and I am not a Card reader or nor hold onto personal objects for connection. My connection is a direct link to source.

We can look at support and guidance for areas of life such as Relationships, Career and Finances, Future aspirations or Life Challenges.