On-Hold Items

Witch & Willow will allow an item to be place on hold for a customer by request. Witch and Willow will only HOLD the item for a maximum of 48 business trading hours and will be place back in-store for sale thereafter if the customer has not made contact or purchased the item. Witch and Willow reserve the right to decline the Hold request dependent on seasonal sales, markdown or stock limitations.

Lay-By Terms and Conditions  

  • The customer can pay for the goods over time, and take possession when all payments have been made.

  • The seller has the right to terminate the Agreement if the customer misses a payment, or if a payment cannot be processed due to some fault of the customer.

  • If the customer cancels, the seller will charge a cancellation fee to cover its reasonable costs, such as storage, depreciation, gst and administrative costs.

  • There is a 24 hour grace period granted to the customer to decide whether to proceed with the purchase or cancel the Agreement.

  • This Agreement if final and terms will not be negotiable.


This Lay-by agreements is set between the seller and customer and sets out the terms and conditions of purchase from the seller through a payment installment plan.



The Customer will: Show proof of Identification (Drivers Licence)


Duration of Layby Plan

  • A total of (4) weeks allowable only on purchases less than the sale value of $100.00 including GST.

  • A total of (6) weeks allowable only on purchase more than the sale value of $100 including GST.



Timing and Amount of Installment Payments

  • A minimum of One installment payment must be made every (7) seven days of your previous payment. You may pay more frequently or you may make more than one payment at a time if you wish.


  • Installments payments will be divided equally and accordingly to the duration of the Layby plan.


Cancellation Fees

  • If at any time during the term of this agreement you decide not to proceed with your purchase, Witch & Willow will charge a cancellation fee of 20% of the original Sale price to cover the costs of storage, administration, depreciation and GST costs.

  • The Cancellation fee will be deducted from the amounts that you have paid up to the date of cancellation. Any Balance will be refunded to you my method of original purchase method. If the cancellation fee exceeds the total amount you have paid the seller has the right to recover the balance owing from you as a debt.


Breach of Policy


The Layby agreement will be cancelled by the Seller after:

  • (2) Two missed installment payments (non-payment) without notification or reasonable excuse or rectification.


*No Exchange Policy on Lay-by.